Incredible Camping Experience: On the jewel of the Mediterranean

Come visit Camping Chania! Enjoy the great outdoors with all the luxuries of the great indoors!


Camping Chania

Camping Hania is situated in a local beauty spot known as Ag. Apostoli. There are four small sandy beaches all within walking distance, the closest being 100m and the farthest 300m. There is also a large natural park offering shaded picnic areas. Approximately 5 Kilometers from the city of Hania, our campsite is easily reached by road and accessed by local public transport.

More than just a campsite

In Camping Hania you will find a selection of temporary accommodation ranging from tents to mobile homes. If you are touring with your own caravan or mobile home, a shaded area under leafy olive trees will be allocated you. If hotel accommodation is more suitable to your requirements, we are also able to offer a variety of studios and appartments.

We have events!

  • Karaoke – every once in a week karaoke night is manifested  at our pool -bar.
  • Cretan traditional night with a lot of dancing  from professional dancers and a big variety of traditional cretan tastes and drinks.
  • Comedy/ Live music performed by a comedian singer who dress up like famous artists and sings their songs
  • BBQ nights
  • Excursions: we organized several excursions with a bus which takes you from the camping and brings you back in a low price